the Right Marathon

The History
of Marathon brand

Genuine Marathon Sod was first produced in 1983. Since then, it has become the most popular lawn choice of homeowners throughout Southern California.
Well suited to Southern California soils and climates, Marathon is liked for its green year-round look. Thanks to a remarkably extensive root system, up to five times deeper than bluegrass, Marathon Sod uses less water and is tolerant of high heat. It is resistant to pests and diseases. Also it exhibits good shade tolerance (up to 40% shade). Marathon has excellent wear resistance against all kinds of foot traffic, making it perfect for families with children.

Since its introduction, Marathon Sod has been consistently updated. Our research and development program has created new improved tall fescue varieties used to enhance Marathon’s performance and appearance.

Three versions of Marathon have evolved, representing a broad range of characteristics. All Marathon varieties stay green year-round, and are deep rooted and drought tolerant. They differ in growth rate, depth of color, texture and durability. All Marathon varieties contain our own exclusive varieties and are grown only by Southland Sod Farms .

Choose a Different
Marathon for Different Needs

When deciding which Marathon Sod variety is best for your home, it is important to realize that Marathon I, II and III have progressively slower growth rates. The distinction is most obvious between Marathon I and III. Marathon III grows significantly slower, resulting in fewer clippings and allowing less frequent mowing.

Below is an easy to reference guide on choosing the right Marathon for your home

*Marathon II is the most popular choice of Southern California homeowners.
With its slightly more refined appearance and high durability,

Genuine Marathon sod

Beautiful, Durable, Guaranteed
Where To Buy

Some Important
Considerations Before You Buy

The Basics: Food, Water, and Sun

Pet Burn

No sod, including Marathon, is immune
to burning from dog urine.

Recovery from Damage

Marathon I, II and III are different from
one another in terms of progressively
slower growth rates

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