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How Much Water Does Your Lawn Need?

Chances are you’re watering your lawn way too much.  In fact, I know you are.  Let’s take the mystery out of the process by giving your lawn a physical as a doctor might give you. Overall Assessment.  When you go...

Head-to-Head Coverage

Choosing a sprinkler head is like choosing a pair of shoes.  You have different types, shapes, and sizes for all kinds of occasions or in the world of landscaping – for all kinds of planter configurations, trees, shrubs, flowers, vegetables,...

How to Reduce Greenhouse Gasses at Home Right Now!

I don’t think 150 years ago our forefathers had any idea that the fuel for their modern technology (electricity, transportation, heat) would be at the forefront of discussion today called “greenhouse gas.”  Due to their inventions, it was discovered that...

Sharon Dill

It’s truly been a pleasure serving you for over 53 years!  It’s time for me to be in the passenger’s seat and do quality control from time to time.  Always SouthlandSharon Dill, Service Queen, Godmother of Dispatch.

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