Growth beyond the conventional: Exploring the Benefits of Lite Sod™ (Soilless Sod)


In the world of farming, unpredictable natural elements like weather and disease are the norm.  Farmers and gardeners relentlessly fight to protect their green space against these natural forces and some unnatural ones (subject matter for another article). To address these challenges, Southland Sod Farms developed an innovative and sustainable solution, soilless sod often referred to as “Lite Sod”. This revolutionary approach to growing and maintaining lush lawns is gaining popularity among homeowners, landscapers, and environmental enthusiasts alike. Lite Sod offers numerous advantages over traditional soil-based turf, from reduced water consumption to protection of valuable topsoil. In this article, we will explore what Lite Sod is, how it works, and the many benefits it brings to both your landscape and the environment.


What Is Lite Sod?

Lite Sod, also known as soilless sod, is a cutting-edge method of growing and delivering healthy grass for landscaping purposes. Unlike traditional sod, which is grown in soil and typically comes in heavy rolls, Lite Sod is cultivated using a semi-hydroponic system. This system allows grass to thrive without the need for soil, instead relying on nutrient-rich recycled media, called substrate, to nourish the plants.  This patented method of growing has been a product offering for over 25 years at Southland Sod Farms with the dedication of countless hours of research and development to continuously improve quality and advance growing techniques in substrate growth. We proudly call this Lite Sod™.


How Does Lite Sod™ Work?

Substrate Growth: Semi-Hydroponic Lite Sod involves growing grass in a recycled natural media, about ¾ inch thick, enriched with essential nutrients. After germination, the grassroots are confined to the media saturated by a nutrient solution providing them with everything they need to grow strong and healthy. The absence of soil eliminates the risk of soil-borne diseases, and weeds and reduces the need for chemical fertilizers and herbicides.


Benefits of Lite Sod™

  1. Root Growth: Lite Sod comes with its entire root system intact, unlike soil-grown sod where a thin layer of grass, roots, and dirt are stripped from the soil surface leaving 90% of the roots behind.  When transplanted Lite Sod does not suffer any transplant shock or setback.  You might say it “hits the ground running.”
  2. Weight: Lite Sod is about half the weight of soil sod.  This in turn allows the pieces to be bigger making for a faster easier installation.  It’s cleaner too!  Its lighter weight lowers shipping costs.
  3. Faster Production Time: Lite Sod can be produced in half the time of field-grown sod.  Hence, it requires half the water, fertilizer, and disease and weed controls.
  4. Eco-Friendly: By reducing water consumption, fertilizer, and the need for chemicals, Lite Sod™ is a more environmentally sustainable option. Since Lite Sod™ weighs about half as much as conventional rolls, it takes less fuel to ship; reducing fuel emissions.
  5. Customizable Grass Varieties: Hydroponic substrate systems allow precise control for optimizing growth conditions to accommodate a wide spectrum of grass varieties. This allows for production flexibility to produce multiple product offerings ensuring you get the perfect lawn for your climate and aesthetic preferences.


Key takeaways:

Lite Sod™, or soilless sod, represents a groundbreaking shift in landscaping and gardening practices. Its water efficiency, reduced chemical usage, in production make it an attractive choice for eco-conscious homeowners and landscapers alike. As we continue to focus on environmental sustainability, innovations like Lite Sod offer a sustainable solution for producing beautiful, green turf in a manner kind to the environment. Consider embracing this exciting technology to transform your outdoor space into a thriving, eco-friendly oasis. Contact Southland Sod Farms for recent offerings in Lite Sod™.

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I’m trying to grow something similar to what you guys do, I live in North europe not in the US so I can’t really purchase from you, do you mind sharing the medium you. guys use to grow the grass, is it coco coir? or it’s mixed with something else. I’d appreciate your help


Southland Sod Farms
June 17, 2024 9:56 am

Omar, our methods of growing are proprietary. That said, I recommend you try different mediums to find the best suited for your local environment and the type of plant you are growing.


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