How to Water Your Lawn with a Screwdriver!

Let’s put on hold what you were taught about using a screwdriver (righty tighty lefty loosey) because now it becomes a valuable tool in water management.

Uneven watering can produce stressed, brown and dying spots in a lawn. It might be an indication of one of two things: too much water or not enough. The damage looks exactly the same.  So how do we tell?  Here’s where the screwdriver comes in.  Insert it into the dry looking area(s): if the soil is too dry it’ll be hard to push it in.  Too wet and it’ll poke through easily.  (Hint: if you’ve ever asked yourself the question “am I watering too much?” the chances are – you are!).

Water uniformity is key to having a lawn that’s happy and healthy.  Make sure you have the same type of sprinkler heads throughout your lawn.
How to Water Your Lawn with a Screwdriver
All from the same manufacturer is best.  It’s a good thing you still have that screwdriver because at the top of the most popular sprinkler heads there’s an adjustment screw that either needs to be tightened (right tighty) to restrict water flow and left (lefty loosey) to open it up which throws it farther.  What you’re looking to do is find that sweet spot of head-to-head coverage – even a little more is O.K.

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