Sharon Dill

Southland Sod Farms

It’s truly been a pleasure serving you for over 53 years!  It’s time for me to be in the passenger’s seat and do quality control from time to time. 
Always Southland
Sharon Dill,
Service Queen,
Godmother of Dispatch.

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You’re an inspiration to all of us here at Southland. Thank you! We definitely have big shoes to fill.

Hey Sharon, I have a small town house that’s a total of no more than 1500 ft.². It’s going to be in the shade about 50 to 60%
of this time. I was really looking for something reasonable and prize and to just make it Look nice to sell the place.
Your opinion or recommendation would be appreciated Sharon. Thanks Jason, Almon brothers properties LLC

Hi Sharon,

I’m reading your note as an announcement that you are retiring. Good on “ya. I enjoyed our 37 years together. Every week the news brings more sad news for the sod business. Now, they want to ban diesel trucks! I retired at the right time. Hope you and Doug are well. Enjoy your well-deserved time off.

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