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Products — Ryeblue™

Common Name:
Kentucky Bluegrass/
Perennial Ryegrass Blend
80% Poa Pratensis
20% Lollum Perenne
80% Baron, Nugget, Fylking,
Glade and Parade (these varieties are constantly upgraded). 20% Tara.

Seed, Sod.

Brief Description:
Ryeblue™ is a blend of 80% Pureblue and 20% Tara Perennial Rye.  A dense turf with medium fine blades and upright growth, it is very similar in appearance to Pureblue, with the subtle differences of slightly lighter color and overall glossier appearance.  Ryeblue is more wear-resistant and drought-tolerant than Pureblue.

Recommended Uses:
Residences, industrial parks, offices, and other decorative applications.

Areas of Best Adaptability:
Classified as a cool-season grass, Ryeblue is not well suited to Southern California's warm transition-zone climate. It does best in more moderate coastal areas, and is not suggested for inland valleys and other warm, arid regions.  Ryeblue requires reasonably well-drained, amended soils.

Winter Color:
Green year-round.

Mowing Height:
Two inches high, mowed weekly.