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Lawn Care—Watering Established Marathon® Sod

Watering Established Marathon® Sod:
After a lawn has become established (approximately 6 to 8 weeks), water according to the following guidelines:

  1. Water as infrequently as possible. In the cooler months, this would be once or twice a week; in the warmer months, it could be three or more times per week.

  2. Water for as long as possible to deeply penetrate the soil (up to 30 minutes). Cycle irrigation may be necessary if runoff occurs within a short time; i.e., water until runoff occurs, then stop and wait for the water to penetrate the soil (usually 1 -2 hours). Repeat watering and waiting until water deeply penetrates the soil.

  3. Water as early in the day as possible (first thing in the morning). Do not water lawn between 4 pm and 4 am.

  4. Do not water shaded areas of lawn as frequently as areas that receive full sun.

  5. Note of Caution: Be sure to watch out for a blue-gray tint and/or limp areas in the lawn. This is not a fungus; rather, it is caused by dehydration and indicates that immediate watering is needed. Such spots usually occur on tops of mounds, or in areas where sprinkler coverage is not adequate. (Watering in full sun is acceptable and will not burn the blades.)

    For a region-specific watering guide, please refer to the Irrigation Schedule Calculator.