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Southland Sod Variety: El Toro Zoysia

Common Name:

Zoysia Japonica

 El Toro
 Plant Patent 5845

 Vegetative (Stolon), Sod, Plugs

El Toro Zoysia image

Brief Description:
 El Toro Zoysia is a dense medium textured, highly durable turf. It spreads by runners and is slower growing than the hybrid bermudas. It adapts well to high heat and tolerates moderate shade. Its color is light green in comparison to most other species of turfgrass. El Toro has a longer dormant period than Tifgreen and is a medium thatch producer.

Recommended Use:
 Use where a combination of shade tolerance and wear resistance is needed. Also, when high heat tolerance and low water use requirements are design priorities.

Mowing Height:
 One to two inches, mowed weekly.

Winter Color:

 Moderate thatch build-up in full sun; minimal in shade. Requires dethatching every two to three years, depending on amount of sun.


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